3 most intriguing mystery & thriller stories by Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai

Global Haryana News/ New Delhi / Harjinder Sharma / 11 September 2020 : Fictional stories can hail from many genres, but it’s always a mystery & thriller one that would keep you intrigued and captivated. And among the most prominent new-age storytellers, Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai has created a niche for himself when it comes to mystery, thriller, horror and detective short stories. Here we pick three most impeccable stories penned by the storyteller, featuring his own fictional creation – Detective Boomrah.

The Devil’s Game

A game of life and death is played at a Casino every night, after it shuts down. The owner of the casino gives every visitor a chance to make their own choices. To unravel the mystery behind the game of dice, Detective Boomrah himself becomes a participant. There are stoppages such as jail, graveyard, lake during the journey of the game. Boomrah goes on to reveal why anyone who played the game had a near-death experience. He dares to take the challenge and go the victim way to explore the truth behind the mystery.

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The Killer

Set in the ancient holy city, this case is about a man who believes he is out to do justice and goes on a killing spree. He leaves no signs on assault on victim’s body or any sign of entry & exit. Only thing common is victims die eyes wide open. The killer gives away a riddle, based on mythological verses, as clue before each murder, which cops and even Boomrah fail to decipher. Through a sketch, Boomrah and Sam reach a remote village almost 40 km from Varanasi. He is told he is looking for ‘Avatar’ and is given the location of a cottage constructed over a lake. He confronts the killer and gets a riddle that sweeps feet off his ground.

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The Mysterious Mrs McBethy

The protagonist of the story is Sujay, an architect who is on a business trip to Goa for almost six months. Elated over the prospect of staying in Goa for the next few months, Sujay embarks on a search for a home on rent, which leads him to Mrs McBethy. A mere handshake with the lady sent chills down Sujay’s spine and followed was his encounter with a world that was non existential. Why did his hunt for a home make him feel more homeless than ever? It took the genius of Detective Boomrah to unravel the various mysteries of Mrs McBethy.

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